ARAS -Ishikawa Jushi Kogyo KK (from 2020)

Pertner Ishikawa Jushi Kogyo KK

ARAS is a new brand of tableware established by going back to the drawing board to produce the tableware that people who have a thing about tableware use in everyday life.
Furthermore, ARAS is our challenge to explore the ways of producing ecologically conscious sustainable tableware and evolve the eating experience by using material and design strength.

Plastic is the material that supports our life everywhere and is one of the indispensable materials now. Although plastic was advocated as “a dream material” at the time of the industrial revolution, people consider it a major cause of environmental pollution nowadays. They are claiming “No plastic”. Plastic was suitable for mass production and allowed many people to have inexpensive and convenient tools, and contributed significantly to industrial expansion. But it continued to turn into a large amount of waste after it outlived its usefulness with age and to discharge toxic substances at the time of burning it up in the past when the incineration technique was insufficient. For this reason, the plastic-waste which lost the place to dispose of continued to buried in the mountains. Also, the plastic-waste thrown away in the sea is not decomposed and is floating on the sea’s surface. On the Pacific Ocean alone now, it is said that the waste equivalent to more than twice the area of Japan is floating. If you know this present situation, everyone cannot but doubt the existence value of plastic. Because it is a fact that plastic caused serious environmental pollution in return for our convenient life.

We established ARAS to tackle this present situation in cooperation with Ishikawa Jyushi Co., Ltd., a manufacturing company.
We focused on “eating” that is integral to our lives and then set a goal for this project which provides a new value with tools that only plastic can realize and at the same time improves the environmental problem.
As a result of examining various materials based on this goal, we selected a new material, “Tritan”.
Tritan is an excellent material. It is so tough that it will not break even if a car runs on it. It does not elute harmful substances. It has a wide range of expression, from transparency equivalent to glass to a look like ceramic. And we can recycle it at 100%. We selected this material because we found the possibility that we could satisfy both the evolution of the eating experience and the consideration of environmental factors.
For example, we can thin the head of cutlery extremely because it does not break. Such a very thin cutlery gives us sensation as if food disappear in your mouth when you eat, and has no metallic-tasting characteristic of metal cutlery, and conducts heat softly like wooden cutlery.

Humans have a habit of feeling nature as beautiful. Few people feel unpleasant when they see the evening sun sinking in the sea. They also feel beautiful for a look and a naturally swayed shape that a natural material creates by itself from a natural phenomenon. And they do not get tired of them. ARAS actualized the personal touch just like handicrafts by taking unevenness that Tritan generates on its own in its design.