string(6) "hollow"

Singular C1_WN

(日本語) Instrument Type (日本語) Special
(日本語) Number of Strings (日本語) 6
(日本語) Body (日本語) Walnut 1P
(日本語) Body Plate (日本語) Carbon
(日本語) Neck (日本語) Carbon,Walnut 1P
(日本語) Fingerboard (日本語) Ebony
(日本語) Nut wide (日本語) 44.0mm
(日本語) Scale Length (日本語) 550.0mm(21.65inch)
(日本語) Frets (日本語) Jescar 9662 EVO GOLD
(日本語) Number of Frets (日本語) 18
(日本語) Joint (日本語) Bolt on
(日本語) Machine Head (日本語) Gotoh®︎ SGi510 MG
(日本語) Bridge (日本語) Ebony
(日本語) Finish & Color (日本語) Walnut Oil
(日本語) Dimension (日本語) L860 x W260 x D92(mm)
(日本語) Weight (日本語) 3.0 kg

A combined-style instrument designed by Singular to seek new possibilities of sound and soundboard is also customizable by your preferences.
C1 uses the new material Flex Carbon® (carbon-fiber-reinforced resin) for both core material of the neck and soundboard at the top-back to make thinner head parts and soundboards out of durable material, for more vibrations. It has a unique characteristic that is neither metallic nor wood but somewhere in between. Parts that players touch by their hands and bodies are made from wood to give them warm feeling as opposed to other parts that require stiffness are made from Flexcarbon. Mixing different materials with a design to brings out each material's potentials had made it work to the maximum as an instrument.