string(9) "art-piece"

Musubi (The Bond) (2020)

material: aluminium,Brass,nylon
finish: Painting

We designed a sculpture "Musubi" for Hyatt Centric Kanazawa's entrance. In Japanese "Musubi" has wide variety of meanings such as "attach two or more objects/things together", "connect people", ”reach out to each other's hearts", and it also is said to bring romance to people and it expresses a God of procreation.

The origin of Mizuhiki, one of Kanazawa's local crafts is said to be referred to "Musubi" as well and we re interpreted Mizuhiki meaning into our sculpture design and expressed it by modern methods and materials.

As for motif, we selected plum flowers that is a symbolic flower of Kanazawa and have been used for a family crest "Kaga plum flower pot”. Five flower petals were made into a 3D Hanazume design (golden glazing of flowers) which to be viewed from 360 degree -free angles. Odd numbers signify the wish for continuing relationships without any divisions. This art piece is composed of an aluminum red bar and 3D printed resin parts which were all originally made by secca.
As an entrance to a creative city Kanazawa that nourished its culture through social and technological interaction, this sculpture expresses new encounter and bonding with people to shape new Kanazawa in the future.